About the Turtleman Foundation

The Turtleman Foundation was founded by Joseph, also known as “The Turtleman”. Founded with a goal to be able to give back to the cause of helping in saving the sea turtles, aiding in ocean conservation, and giving back to his passion, the ocean. Sea turtles have existed for over 100 million years, and they travel throughout the world’s oceans. Now the reality is that they are struggling to survive — largely because of things people are doing to the planet’s oceans and beaches. We want to prevent sea turtles from being cruelly killed and exterminated, their nesting beaches from being polluted and overbuilt, and their marine habitats from being contaminated and destroyed by plastic waste and other pollution. Over the years The Turtleman Foundation has been able to help local sea turtle research centers within the US, as well as more recently being able to donate outside of the US in international projects. The Turtleman Foundation has been able to donate and help in funding important projects and research objectives of various ocean and marine life conservation organizations.

Founded 2015