Contamos Contigo Ecuador

 Fundación Contamos Contigo Ecuador – Fundación para la protección de la fauna marina autóctona y el entorno medioambiental

Contamos Contigo Ecuador is a nonprofit organization located in Ecuador, that dedicates its main efforts to the conservation and protection of the native marine fauna as well as its natural environment.

This year they had a dream of being able to sponsor The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Ecuador, South America. This foundation, opened their first encampment that we have been able to sponsor and help on their journey to helping the sea turtles in their area. We have successfully donated to their foundation as their first international donation received ever! This year they have successfully helped multiple turtle nests reach the sea, as well as helped to protect them during nesting season. 

They are a growing foundation that has been able to help in saving sea turtles in this region, and we are so happy to be a part of their cause and together, conserve and protect threatened and endangered sea turtles through community education and partnered research. 

At the Contamos Contigo Ecuador Foundation they know that the defense of the Environment and Marine Fauna must be carried out at all levels,they organize courses, conferences and any type of promotion, dissemination, advice, protection, research activities and communicate the results of research, in order to increase knowledge about threatened or endangered species of wild flora and fauna.


Sponsor a Turtle Campaign –  Hundreds of eggs and turtles wait for your help!

Our campaign Sponsor a turtle has as its objective the location and protection of nests and the monitoring and control of the hatching produced in them.

Thanks to our collaborators and their help, we can continue to maintain this very important project for the conservation of sea turtles.

Join us and help us ensure their protection !!

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Between the months of July to February, along the Pacific coast of Manabí, female sea turtles arrive to spawn. They come to the beach to dig a deep hole, lay their eggs, cover them, and then return to the sea. About a month and a half later, the newborns are born.

When the nesting areas are not monitored, the nests are at risk of being destroyed or flooded, which is why it is sometimes necessary to move them where they have a better chance of hatching so that the hatchlings emerge without threats and continue their way to the sea.

Your contribution of  $ 5  not only symbolically adopts one of these baby turtles, with this, you also support the young volunteers, supported by  Fundación Contamos Contigo Ecuador , who are in charge of taking actions to protect the nests, not only the humans but predators such as birds and abandoned domestic animals.

Turtle Route San Jacinto MTB 2021 

More than 150 cyclists and their families gathered on Sunday August 15 to experience a sporting event with various underlying objectives, both environmental and tourism.

The tour began in the San Jacinto spa and crossed several sectors of the Charapoto parish belonging to the Sucre canton.

We were able to participate with a stand from which we held different environmental education talks and contests related to the protection of sea turtles, because it is essential to make the community and tourists aware of the importance of protecting the different species that nest, inhabit and they feed on our shores.

We are happy with the result, since the interest of both children and adults in knowing about the life cycle of sea turtles and the work that we voluntarily carry out day by day in this coastal profile was noted.

We thank in a special way @wildaidlatino for supporting us in this activity with souvenirs for the public and other implements that helped us so that the information we provide is recorded in the minds and hearts of the inhabitants and visitors of this spa, which is an important area. of olive ridley and leatherback turtles.

We congratulate #CyclingUIO for the organization and the different sponsors and participants for supporting this type of activities that benefit tourism and conservation.

We have already located and monitored 15 nests this season 

Canton Sucre, Manabí province, is privileged for having such wonderful visitors as the #marine turtles . We are fortunate to count on approximately 25 km of beaches from La Boca de San Jacinto to Bahia de Caraquez recognized as an area of nesting Olive Ridley species #lepidochelysolivacea and Lute #dermochelyscoriacea latter gave us a unique event in the history of Ecuador, that the first hatchlings in 40 years have been born on these coasts. This season is being very busy and we already have 15 nests located in San Jacinto, Punta Bikini, El Bálsamo (site where we built the first turtle camp in Ecuador), Chirije, Pajonal and Punta Gorda and we still have 6 months to continue enjoying them.

If you live in this canton and you are excited to know that you can live this beautiful experience, without having to leave Sucre, share this publication and follow our networks so that you are aware of the hatching and can witness one, we assure you that you will fall in love with them and you will want to be part of the help they so badly need.

New nest located and monitored in Punta Bikini !