Mundo Marino

Mundo marino

The Mundo Marino Aquarium is a non-profit foundation created in 1999 by people who were interested in making known the wonders of the marine species and ecosystems near the city of Santa Marta, where it has its headquarters. The aquarium is an educational and scientific tool, a complement for students of schools, colleges and universities in the teaching of natural sciences and actively participating in the protection and conservation of the natural environment. Additionally, we conduct guided tours where we teach visitors the importance of organisms, their role within the ecosystem and their threats, with approximately 70,000 visits per year of national and foreign people. Mundo Marino Aquarium will be the pioneer in the implementation of interactive strategies for the development of environmental education and research programs, with emphasis on coastal ecosystems. It will promote training models on the correct use of marine resources for schools, colleges, universities and the general public. The Marine World Aquarium project will work to make its message known internationally through the support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and similar entities.

With the generous donation of resources from The Turtleman Foundation, we will be able to improve the care, management and quarantine facilities. We will acquire important equipment and supplies for their management and care, such as a UV sterilizer to improve the filtration system in the care area. A refrigerator to preserve the food and supplemental jellies that are provided weekly. Additionally, we will be able to obtain the ideal supplement for them, which covers all the needs and requirements for these species when they are under human care. We also are in need for a new part of the hose that is used to pull water directly from the sea. Thanks to this donation we will be able to provide them with the best possible welfare during their stay in the aquarium.

Mundo marino

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