Tortugas Fundación

The Turtleman Foundation has made a donation to help us expand the knowledge of our beloved sea turtles to locals and everyone around the world. The donation will used to create an informational book to help show the importance protecting the sea turtles and our ocean for the blind community. This is our Environmental Education Citizen Project (PROCEDA), where we understand environmental education as a complex, multidisciplinary and formative process for life, through which we promote values in the community that allow them to know their territory and their relationship with it. If we do not take care of what we know, we will hardly take care of something we do not know.

For this reason, at Tourtugas Foundation, we believe that the cultural appropriation of sea turtles can increase as knowledge about them is spread, contributing to the protection of this millenary species. We focus on sharing intellectual production about sea turtles in an optimal and appropriate way for the community in general, generating meaningful experiences for each person who participates in them.

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